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Web Development using WordPress

Sometimes a church does not have the time and resources to develop a web site using HTML and PHP coding. WordPress is a quick way to develop a web site. This tutorial will have several steps to get you to the point you have a working web-site. Click one of the tutorials for more info.

Topic WordPress HTML and PHP
Development Time Much faster More required time
Skills to Master Simpler More required skills
Flexibility Less options More flexibility

The WordPress is built on HTML5, CSS3, and PHP. The HTML5 and CSS3 go together and most programmers learn them as a pair. When we refer to HTML, we are referring to HTML5 and CSS3. The HTML produces static pages, (simple pages which do not interact with the user).

The PHP gives the HTML a dynamic aspect to the pages. There are a few ways besides PHP to make dynamic pages. With dynamic pages, you can ask the user questions and respond. With PHP you can also interface with the database, such as MySQL.