Written For Christ

Written For Christ


W4C: WordPress Tutorial - Step 4
Creating Google Map Page


At this point, you should already have a host provider and domain name. If not, please go back to first page.

At this point, you should already have selected and installed WordPress. If not, please go back to second page.

At this point, you should already have created a Home page. If not, please go back to third page.

Beaver Builder: Map

If you do not have the Maps widget, ensure you have the theme "Tesseract" and plugin "Beaver Builder" activated. Refer to step 2 to install the theme and plugins.

Create Map Page

While in the WordPress Dashboard > pull-down "Pages" > select "Add New" > type in the name "Map" > select "Page Builder" and/or "Launch Page Builder" > select "Add content" > pull-down "Row Layouts" > drag "1 Column" onto the work area.

Then > pull-down "Advanced Modules" > drag "Map" onto the work area, on top of the new "1 Column" row.

Under "Map Settings" go to "General tab >
at "Full width map?" select "Yes"
at "Height" if not already at "400" then type in "400".
at "Zoom Level" start with 14 and adjust until you see main roadways such as the highways or freeways.
at "Search location" type in the address of the church.

Select "Save" > then select "Done" > then select "Publish Changes".

Create Map Link

While in WordPress Dashboard > pull-down "Pages" > select "All Pages" > select "Home" > select "Launch Page Builder" > select the Text Editor area with "Church Location" > select "Text Editor Settings" > select the "Text" tab > place the cursor at the end of the text area > select the "LINK" button > under "Link Text" type something like "Map to Church" > select the "Map" page > select "ADD LINK" > Select "Save" > select "Done" > select "Publish Changes".