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W4C: WordPress Tutorial - Step 3
Creating Home Page


At this point, you should already have a host provider and domain name. If not, please go back to first page.

At this point, you should already have selected and installed WordPress. If not, please go back to second page.

Creating Home Page

While in dashboard

Creating Main Menu

Main Menu While in WordPress Dashboard

The menu will be displayed in the top (heading). You will need to return to this "Menus" when there is an extra, missing, or out of place menu tab.
On the "Menus" page under "Pages"


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You want a web site with a URL which is SEO friendly so that the search engine will give it a higher ranking. While in WordPress Dashboard

Web-Site Logo

Within WordPress Dashboard

Within WordPress Dashboard

Within WordPress Dashboard

Clean-up Sidebar Widgets

There were too many widgets in the sidebar that did not fit my needs on the web pages. In order to remove these, while in dashboard:

Do you want the search engine in the header or sidebar? I removed all the Widgets from the Sidebar, then added "Text Editor".

Create Accordion Mission

While in the WordPress Dashboard

 Move on to the next category of Mission which I selected to type in "Mission Statement" and type in the actual Mission Statement and select the icon. Below there should be a red "Add New Accordion" Button, please select and complete the "Church Goals". Repeat the steps for Pastor's Pen, which is a message from the pastor to the congregation and world.

To clean up the Accordion, you may need to "Use WYSIWYG Editor" select "Text" tab and add beginning of paragraph tag <p> closing paragraph tag </p> and sometimes a line-break tag <br />.

Under "Expand/Collapse Accordion Option On Page Load", I selected "Hide/close All Accordion".

Once you have entered all the categories of Mission and typed in their groups, you are ready to select "Publish".

Near the bottom on the left side, copy the "Accordion Shortcode" which should be something like "[WPSM_AC id=xxx]".

Install Accordion Mission

While in the WordPress Dashboard select "Pages"

Create Three Column Information

While in the WordPress Dashboard

First Column

On the first of the 3 columns select the "Text" tab and paste in the following code in shaded area.

<h3>Church Office</h3>
<p><time itemprop="openingHours" datetime="Mo-Th 9:00-17:30">M-Th 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM</time></p>
<p><time itemprop="openingHours" datetime="Fr 9:00-12:00">F 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM</time></p>
<p>Closed 12:00-12:30 PM</p>
<h3>Phone:</h3><a href="tel:+16195551000">619-555-1000</a>
<p>500 Farragut Circle<br />El Cajon, CA 92020</p>

Modify the hours, telephone and address to match your church

Second Column

Pull-down "WordPress Widgets"

Third Column

Pull-down "WordPress Widgets"

<h3>Today is:</h3>
var today = new Date();

Responsive Slider by Huge-IT

You probable want some action on the front page, telling your audience what is happening within your church. I accomplished this with Responsive Slider by Huge-IT. The responsive screen lets me know this will work with cell phones.

The size of these images will need to be the same size and 800 px by 480 px is the default size. You probable want to create a folder within your pictures folder and possible name it the same as the domain name. I suggest creating a sub-folder within that and name it "Slider". This should make finding the images easier for you.

I am assuming you have already installed Responsive Slider, if you have not then return to step 2 before attempting to configure and use the plugin.

Near the bottom of the WordPress Dashboard, you will find and pull-down "Responsive Slider"

The Responsive Slider creates a "shortcode" which you may find under the "shortcode" tab, which will look something like "[R-slider id="2"]" > including brackets copy it.

While in WordPress Dashboard