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W4C: WordPress Tutorial - Step 1
Domain Name and Host Provider

Web-Site Preparations

If your church is a non-profit organization, then the domain suffix should be .org. The .com and .biz are for commercial businesses. The .net is for networks such as email providers, including @att.net, @cox.net.

Once you have determined your domain name, such as "HisChurch-Lakeside-CA.org", then test it in the web browser URL. Note: The web browser is not case sensitive. The capital characters just makes it easier for the reader typing it into the computer web browser. With the search, I find "hischurchcommunity.org" is already taken, thus if that was your church name, then add the city and state to the domain name.

These instructions are for setting up a web-site with WordPress a Contact Management System (CMS).

Now that you have selected a domain name, now is the time to get a host and claim the domain. Within your web browser search engine (such as Google.com) type "purchase domain hosting WordPress". There should be several choices come back, such as bluehost.com, hostGator.com, ehost.com, iPage.com, or GoDaddy.com.

Now is a good time to determine which features are important to you and which ones are not.

If there are other important things to look for while selecting a host provider for a church, please let me know so that I can remind others. You can contact me through the "Contact-Us" page

Ideally, you will have or created:

Once you have set up the web hosting, advance to the next page.